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Queen Wedding Hairstyles


Simple up-do with side part. Pulled back from the face loosely. Use tiara and veil. Pulled back from the face softly, No part and the back add curls. Can be used flower or any other Decorative items.
Large waves free flow, wispy half bangs, then add tiara with veils All the hair pulled back and lots of Curl piled up top of each other. Finish up with decorative headband.
Long, bouncy, wavy hair, Parted on the side
Heavy wispy bangs. Top with tiara.
Hair pulled back from face very tight. Rest piled up with curls. Can dress up with tiara or veil.
Hair is parted on side and tightly pulled back
from face. Rest of the hair is curled the top
of the head. Can be dressed with tiara, veils,
or any other hair jewelry.
Side part, pulled back flat and tight. And lots of curls piled up on top. Finish with a tiara-veil combination

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