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Adventurous Wedding Hairstyles


Half up do. Hair pulled back from face
but very loose. Half section of hair is piled up in curls top of the head. Dressed up with pearl.
Short hair, parted in the side Curled the rest for a wavy look.
Parted on the side. Long bangs swept
to the side and rest of the hair has loose,
large waves. Use tiara or veil.
Parted in the middle and gently pulled
Back.Loose waves decorated with hair jewelry. Very sophisticated
Combination straight-flat with a crimping
Iron. Half updo. Front pulled back, rest of the
Hair is crimped in sections.
Half updo. Half of the hair back-combed
and pined up straight. Full bangs slightly
pulled back. Can be dress up with tiara or veil
Side part with straight side bangs. very loose curls at the bottom. Can top it with tiara or veil. Simple and elegant hairdo. Parted In the middle and pulled back like Pony tail. Hair jewelry makes it very Festive.

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